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The 401(k) revolution has turned millions of American workers into their own pension plan managers. Now, as a growing number of these workers retire, they must convert their investment portfolios into regular income.

It isn’t easy. Retirees can’t depend upon bonds for income because yields are so low. But if they bet too big on equities, their savings could get savaged in a market downturn, crimping their retirement.  

Enter whole life insurance.

Barrons, December 19, 2020

We know that Coronavirus has impacted all of us in various ways, whether it be loss of work, new ways to work, wearing masks, spending more time at home, less travel, and for some of us getting sick.  States are beginning to "re-open" and we hope that all of this will be behind us, and soon.  One of the long-term impacts is that it is more and more likely that taxes will have to rise and rise significantly and soon.  What are you doing to protect your wealth from future taxes? / April 28, 2020

If you own a home, you’ve probably been sold on the benefits of a shorter mortgage or heard it’s wise to pay more than the minimum so you can pay it off sooner.  But is this strategy all it's really cracked up to be?

Forbes / April 18, 2020

Do you really understand the opportunities and consequences of saving in qualified plans?

TruthConcepts / May 17, 2019

Do you have a plan to save for retirement outside of tax-deferred plans?  See how the new tax law makes it more important than ever and gives you an opportunity to do so at historically low tax rates.

MarketWatch / April 15, 2019

Always take a 15 year mortgage if you can afford it, right?   There's more than one way to answer that question.  Make sure you answer it correctly for you.

TruthConcepts / April 5, 2019

If most of your retirement assets are in pre-tax investments like 401(k) and traditional IRA accounts, you will be paying taxes on that money in the future at some unknown rate.  Taxes right now are on sale.  Maybe you should pay tax on some of that money now so you can have tax-free income later on.  

Kiplinger / August 3, 2018

Five reasons why no one should ever, ever even THINK of buying whole life ... right???

ThinkAdvisor / April 20, 2018

The nation's pension crisis is getting worse every day.  Is the government trying to delay the inevitable?

Seeking Alpha / Feb 27, 2018

Are you nearing retirement?  Are you counting on Social Security to provide the bulk of your retirement income?  Don't let misunderstanding ruin your plans.

The Motley Fool / December 9, 2017

You are counting on your 401(k) to provide income and sustain your lifestyle in retirement.  Are you aware of the risks?

Partners4Prosperity / October 25, 2017

Congratulations on having a financial advisor to help you navigate the savings and investment landscape.  But do you trust him or her?

Bloomberg / June 7, 2017

Read an actual 47 year case study of a participating whole life policy's performance as compared to more popular alternatives.

Richard L. Miller, CLU, ChFC

Are you an average investor?  I hope not, because if you, are you're not doing too well. / June 6, 2016

Everyone talks about the average return you should expect to receive from your investments.  Make sure you understand that "average" does not mean "actual".

Fox Business / January 11, 2016

Are 529 plans the best way to save for college?  There are benefits, but do these benefits represent the most efficient use of your savings dollars?

Valhalla Wealth / January 11, 2016

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