Kevin McCollester

After over 32 years in the financial services technology industry and being abruptly terminated from what I thought was the job from which I would retire, I was faced with the stark reality that I was not as prepared as I would like to have been and should have been for this unforeseen life interruption.  As a result, I began the journey to reinvent myself and my career not wanting to settle for more of the same.  I never thought that the answer would come in the form of financial coaching and helping others avoid the mistakes that I had made and that so many are making today by blindly following the "conventional wisdom" of Wall Street, financial "rockstar personalities", and the news media that tells us to maximize our retirement savings in qualified plans (IRAs, 401(k)s and the like), to pay off our mortgages as soon as possible, to pay cash for our cars, "buy term and invest the difference", and hoping that at the end of our working days there will be enough money to last.  

There is a better way!


As a member of the Prosperity Economics Movement, I am learning the truth about money, to think differently about financial planning and have new strategies for saving, preserving and growing wealth with significantly less risk than traditional investment vehicles (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, etc.).  I started Real Family Wealth in 2017 as a platform to communicate these truths to others.  I am affiliated with Henderson & Floyd, an insurance and financial services company committed to "creating financial certainty in uncertain times" and leverage their collective years of experience and wealth of resources to better serve my clients. 

Come along with me and discover how you can begin to take control of your financial future by building a savings foundation, by putting your money to work in alternative investments that are not exposed to stock market risk, and by protecting your most valuable assets - you and your family.

Financial freedom is having control.  Financial dependence is giving control to others.  

Take control!  Think differently!

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