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What must the federal government do to guarantee that taxes will be higher in the future?
That's right.  Taxes WILL be higher in the future unless Congress acts to make the recent tax cuts permanent AND no future Congress raises them.
Deferring taxes in qualified plans, e.g. 401(k) and traditional IRAs, not only defers payment of the tax but the calculation of the tax.  You have no idea how much of the balance in your qualified plan is really yours versus that which belongs to the government in the form of future taxes.
At Real Family Wealth, we can help you position your retirement savings to minimize your future tax liability by utilizing a combination of taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free strategies. 
Taxable accounts are good for short-term liquidity; tax-deferred accounts are useful for retirement income up to a point, and that point is where the amount of your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) does not exceed the IRS standard deduction (income that is not taxable); leaving tax-free accounts to provide the bulk of your retirement income.  
This is not how most people have their assets structured.  
If you want to know how to better position your retirement assets for future tax efficiency and which accumulation vehicles are best , contact us for a free no-obligation review and strategy session.  
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